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Exchanged Places

“Sister , do you mind exchanging places?” The first thing I noticed was his hair , longer than the girl next to him. He was sleek, mostly like my batch-mates from the university. Bemused I stood amidst smelly shirts and adamant heads , unable to figure out that the voice was meant for me. In […]

How to stay encouraged when you are unemployed

SEREIN by Tata Housing, blend of Splendour and comfort at the Malabar hill of Thane!

DermaGlow Rehausse-cils, the Ultimate Lash Enhancer! INR 5500

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D-Talks Adda is a place known for it’s tasty & better health food in a sports theme environment

We always want to eat the best and go to the most amazing places in and around without thinking twice about health hazards .Yes the truth is that we consume a lot of food which restaurants/cafes don’t really bother about the after effects of one’s health.Excess amount of oil or sugar intake can seriously cause […]

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I have become a fan of Red Panda Restaurant for it’s Piquant culinary impression on me

Red Panda, Restaurant located at F5 Calcutta Greens Commercial Complex, 1050/2, EM Bypass, Survey Park, Santoshpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700075 (Very close to Metropolis Mall, HiLand Park Area) has been lately the kind of place i was never ever aware of and it was a sad thing for me that i pass the Bypass stretch […]

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Momo I Am, is winning hearts & ruling the hunger filling at Golpark, Kolkata

Momo I Am is not anymore a new brand when it comes to bringing excellent Oriental, Asian & Himalayan food at your table as what ever you may call it. It has been doing justice to the culinary scenario over some years now right from when it first opened up at Lake Gardens ,then spread […]

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The Tea Trove at Acropolis Mall

I get a certain joy whenever i come across something unique and different to try out especially in my very own city Kolkata. And this time no one could stop me from visiting The Tea Trove in Acropolis Mall as it was a place bookmarked in my head to pay a visit from quite sometime […]

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Rapturous experience at Soul Cafe, Kolkata

They say if your inner Soul or intuition tells you to do something which would be good in return ,then it actually happens to be good later. But i would say that let’s not listen to “They say” phrases and get in to some of our own sayings out of personal experiences.Lets forget about Soul […]

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This New Year Comes A Surprise With “Tata Hexa”

This time Tata comes with an anticipated SUV, the Hexa on January 2017. Main Highlights The car gets unique features like Terrain Management System and Projector headlamps with auto function. Apart from this, the car showcases attributes like large alloy wheels, new design for the leather seat upholstery, improved dashboard, window shades, mood lighting, refreshed […]


World Famous Books Written In Mirror Image

World Famous Books Written In Mirror Image 1.Mirror Imaged Shree Mad BhagvadGita (Pen)-Piyush Goel has a unique art, he can write words in mirror image.Piyush Goel can write words in mirror image in two languages Hindi and English.He has completed “World First Mirror Image Book Shreemad BhagvadGita”, all 18 chapters, 700 verses in two languages Hindi and English.Besides […]

3 Easy Ways to Proofread your Writing

To Blog or Not to Blog?

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Velvetiine Gift Hampers will set the happy mood for Raksha Bandhan

Who does not like hampers ? Probably you will come across everyone liking or loving hampers in the most sane and insane state.Yes hampers always build up an excitement whether you receive it or just get to see someone receiving it (Too bad),be it whatever the situation it creates a joy surely among all. And […]

What is the major key to happy life?

पिता क्या है ? पिता के महत्व पर एक छोटी कविता | Hindi Poem On Father