Are You Trustworthy?

The biggest risk that we take in life is ‘trusting someone’. Because trusting someone has always been petrifying, at least for most of us. With the hardships and heartbreaks in relationships and friendships, that one thing, that we all have lost, is the trust from ‘trust’. The whole trust thing is going to a different track and we have started to walk on the same. Not because we want to, but because we all have our reasons:

1. “Maine Bahut Dhoke Khaen Hain Yaar” (I Have Been Cheated Upon By People)

Yes. The most hurtful of all. We have been cheated upon by our peers/partners/family, most importantly by ‘Our Own People’. And so, gradually, we too started cheating. ‘Trust’ became meaningless as a word and we became heartless as people.

2. “Trust Naam Ki Koi Cheez Bachi Hi Nahi Hai Duniya Mein” (Trust Doesn’t Exist In The World Anymore)

Probably that helps to shield the wrongdoing. Because if there wasn’t any trust left in the world, the whole deceiving and cheating saga, would have not existed either. Trust still exists and so does humanity.

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