The Cake Counter: Deserted with Desserts!!

A plethoara of Home Bakers have come up in Kolkata in the last couple of years. Recently opened Suchantika Dey’s Cake Counter is fighting the battle of ‘desserts’ in Kolkata’s Bakery Battle. Suchantika left her job and took up home baking as a profession in the last few months. With one eye on the horizon and one on her oven she is galloping forward.

I was invited for a Food Bloggers Dessert Tasting Event at Suchantika’s apartment in Satoshpur, Kolkata. My title is ‘Deserted with Desserts’ because at one point of time I was sitting alone on a table with a myriad of desserts that could have feed a small battalion. The feeling was blissful!!????

Experience the full post about The Cake Counter: Deserted with Desserts!! on my blog.

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