What do different types of flowers tell about your relationship?

Flowers, in themselves speak a great deal, owing to their beautiful colors and fragrance. Each bloom bears a different meaning and symbolism. History speaks that flowers have been used for expression of feelings and it will go on till eternity. Thus, if your man does end up buying flowers for you, the flowers he chooses can say a bunch about your relationship.

Use this guide to figure out what the flowers he brought home mean..

1. Tulips

Tulips are the perfect endowment for any special moment in a relationship, and they’re more exclusive than roses. They occur in a mixture of colors, and if your guy finds you a multi-colored tulip bouquet, he evidently put a great deal of sentiment into the gift.

2. Daisies

If I were a guy, I would get a girl daisy if the relationship was new. Daisies are fun, pretty flowers that don’t mean anything overly dangerous. Daisies represent innocence, and so it’s the perfect flower for the honeymoon stage of a relationship when you haven’t delivered any real conflicts or issues so far.

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