5 Ways to Make Him Crave For You Now!

You’ve seen it happen – the ordinary woman has some guy falling all over himself to make her extremely happy while the beauty sits alone in the corner. Even if you are in a relationship with a guy, you want your guy to want you, to crave you, to ache for you.

While starting a relationship or being in midst of one, a girl normally encounters two problematic situations. Firstly, she fails to get the desired attention of her guy. Secondly, she starts losing him and doesn’t understand how to win back his heart. Thirdly, taking a selfie should be your last option.

The difference is not in what a woman does, but how she does. And you have to do the RIGHT things at the Right time to trigger the Right kind feelings in a man.

1. Leave something to the Imagination

It is wise to remember that a man prefers to think more about what he can’t see to what he does.

2. Ask him to flex his muscles so you can feel them

Tell him he’s handsome. Irresistible. Tell him how masculine he is.

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