FIVE things MEN expect you to know but are afraid to tell you!

Dear Girls,

Men are said to be simple but with experience we all have realized they too come under the category – ‘Complicated’ and hence, keeping your man’s interest to the pinnacle, in the relationship, becomes one hell of a task. Eventually, the excitement fades away and apparently so does the relationship. The sole question that needs to be answered here is:

What is it that keeps the man allied to his lady?

Well, the answer to this is the FIVE rule policy that men expect us to be familiar with but are afraid to tell us:

1. Men need their Personal Space

Like every individual, your guy too needs his space – Please allow him. He knows his responsibilities towards you and the relationship but he has a life away from the ‘two of you’ as well. Understand and accept it! Instead of forcing him into the relationship, let him come to you willingly and contentedly.

Check out the remaining 4 rules on my blog on the post titled FIVE things MEN expect you to know but are afraid to tell you!

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