Meet Alpha Bet

Good morning, and thank you for stopping by to read this. Although, I would have preferred if someone would have stepped up to introduce me, no one volunteered. So I picked up the pen, and thought, why not just get started.

I feel there is a great opportunity in what we are trying to do here. Being aligned with the objectives and vision since the beginning, I will be happy to help you in case you need any support with the platform, or in answering your questions.

Many find my eyes closed when they approach me at my desk. I admit I work at my own pace, but rest assured, I am not sleeping. I am probably just lost in deep thought. It also appears like I have big ears, and I am listening a lot. However, if you try to call me, my phone is mostly silent.

Over time, I’ll be spending some time bringing you news and information about what’s happening with us. As we get started, if you require any help, do reach us through various options available on the contact page of the website. Send in your suggestions, feedback, hints to any glitches, and if nothing is working, try to find my card on the blogger’s page and drop me a line.

Happy Blogging!

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