Meet Bits Bytes

Allow me to have the pleasure to introduce Mr. Bytes. No, he doesn’t bite! Bits is our chief engineer. Yeah! He likes being called “Chief”. Also, he didn’t work till we called him that. So it’s all namesake.

He’s been working with us on the technology front of the platform. I do not know if he’s really got it done, but trust me he is really sharp. He understands whatever we tell him in binary, and he’s been spending time learning English during his extra time.

You can find some information about him on the blogger’s page as well, but I do not know if he’s keeping it all updated.

We’ve asked him to help out in sharing a few tips and tricks that can make you blog better. We’ve also asked him to wear a proper shirt to work. Some say, there’s a red light that shines out of his left ear once he’s understood everything.

Pssst: Sometimes, I am afraid he’ll snap. Beware!

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