8 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle an Intense Woman

The more intense she is, harder it becomes for her to find someone who can handle a relationship with her. She might be slightly intimidating because she brings intensity and passion to the table. Her emotions are profound and so are her thoughts. She is never indifferent about things that matter to her. She goes out on a number of dates but at some point in time, the relationship fails to grow any further. And here’s why:

1. She asks deep questions.

Because of the kind of intensity she possesses, she probes further into a man’s life and asks questions that he may not be prepared to answer. She will dig deeper and ask serious and philosophical questions – she does not enjoy a shallow conversation.

2. She is honest.

Well yes! In fact brutally honest – right on the face. An intense woman takes her integrity very seriously and one thing is clear, if you ask her something, she’ll tell you the truth and only truth.

There are six reasons more. Read them all on my blog.

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