Being a tourist in your own home

I was reading this article on NDTV about being single and in their 40’s, above that being an Indian women. I’m myself 29 and single. Believe me, after 25 its not considered appropriate for a girl to be single in India. I can imagine how she might be feeling. I’ll not be discussing the article but the comments the article received. The article has been written by a married women about her friend and sister, who are in 40’s and single Indian women.


Well, the comments were mostly by Indian Men, and as expected all negative. At first, I was disgusted by the thinking of men  in Indian society about women and her right to life. Then, I realized, that is how Indian society is, why to blame only Men, the older generation in India, basically the “Aunties” who bring you all the possible suitor lists are also in this brigade.


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