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I suppose it is about time I took you to the places that exactly charm and appeal to this Currychick. This will be a part one post of an ongoing series. Certainly there are some places that are very dear to me and that I love visiting and being a part of. As today is an auspicious day in the Hindu calendar I thought it befitting I share with you my local temple.


I grew up always loving and caring about my culture and religion. Even though our home was not one peppered with custom and beliefs, being of Hindu faith always fascinated and pleased me. I surmise that after my dad’s passing, my mum became less devout, and I subsequently stepped in to complete the traditional rituals at home. These customs have followed me over the years and even today I have continually made it a point of entrenching this culture into my family’s lives.


Hence, I was a little bit saddened when we arrived in Australia and sought blessings from the local temple in Adelaide. When we got there the temple was locked and we were turned away. It left me distraught and very disappointed. This was not the way things were done in South Africa. Nonetheless, over the years, with increased migration and additional people following the same faith, I have seen my culture blossom. When we got to Brisbane, I was overwhelmed at discovering the SRI SELVA VINAYAKAR KOYIL known as the GANESHA TEMPLE.

Starting from humble beginnings this Hindu Tamil Temple is operated and achieved by a group of faithful, loyal management committee members. The group members are mainly of Sri Lankan and Indian upbringing and their sheer commitment and devotion is unsurpassed to any I have seen.

Now commencing the start of a place of worship was no easy deed, as the Management Committee had to raise sufficient monies to initially procure the land and thereafter build the temple. Council permission and tireless amounts of paperwork ensued. Nonetheless the hard work and dedication continued and paid off! Today an amazing structure sits at 4915 – 4923, Mt Lindesay Highway, South Maclean.

The temple is not only proving to be a place of worship but the architecture and sculptures are attesting to be a unique sight for non-worshippers as well.

You are most welcome to attend the temple and the opening hours and events are on the website. Cultural etiquette is recommended in the form of conservative clothing and removing ones shoes before entering the temple.

Follow this link if you would like more information on this incredible building located right here in Brisbane.

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