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Whilst scrolling through my Facebook updates I came across an interesting post showcasing delectable food from a restaurant called Holi Cow. The restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa advertised mouth-watering, home cooked, old fashioned meals for sale. I could not help but salivate after looking at the incredible, scrumptious dishes that I knew so well from my childhood. Cuisine such as chicken and double beans, masala fried fish, biryani, dhal….the delicious list goes on and On.

So finally I replied to one of these posts and decided to probe further.


On closer investigation I discovered that the restaurant owner was none other than Yudhika Sujanani, a popular South African Chef and entrepreneur. I did a bit of the google thing and lo and behold found out that not only does Yudhika have her own popular restaurant in Johannesburg but she is also a renowned television star on the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) programme Mela.

More impressively, Yudhika is not just a pretty face as she was also appointed as United Nations World Food Programmer’s Hunger Advocate in 2013 and is involved in numerous charity raising endeavours. Yudhika is also an author of two cookbooks titled “Curry Me Home” and “Curry Me Home Again” plus on top of this manufactures her own range of spices. This vibrant, talented chef was also selected as AMC Cookware brand ambassador. y

In the media Yudhika Sujanani is described as “Jozi’s Queen of Spice and all things nice!” Born in Isipingo,  Durban, South Africa, this eloquent, poised lady presently resides in Gauteng. Nevertheless, she has not forgotten her humble beginnings and when she cooks, most recipes have an interesting story pertaining to her childhood.

Google also led me to Yudhika’s Facebook Page, you tube cooking clips as well as two blogs in her name. Her recipes are easy to follow and if you are like me, an expat looking for good, old fashioned South African Indian food to replicate, then these are the channels to go to. Alternatively if you just love Indian food and would like to cook up a storm I strongly urge you to follow this amazing chef, food blogger and TV star.

Take a look at Yudhika’s recipe for HOT DURBAN SEAFOOD CURRIES



Links to Yudhika:yum

Yudhika’s BLOG

Yudhika’s FACEBOOK

Yudhika’s restaurant page: HOLI COW FACEBOOK PAGE


Click the link if you would like  Yudhika’s foolproof recipe to Lamb Rogan Josh

Stay tuned to my blog for an exclusive interview with Yudhika! Any questions you would like to ask her? Comment below!

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