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Via The Blog Tag I was lucky enough to encounter a talented young lady who is making waves in the literary world of romance fiction. Melissa takes the writing of romance erotica genre to an all-time high and after thoroughly enjoying Melissa’s debut book “Waiting for You” which apart from being a truly raunchy read is also filled with action, suspense and grief.  Currychick was finally able to pin Melissa down for a brief interview.image

Let’s Get started:

  1. My name is:

    Melissa Rambally but I write under the pseudonym Melissa Kate

  2. Describe yourself in 3 words:

    Funny, loyal, inspired

  3. Tell us a bit more about yourself:

    Oh boy! Well I married my preschool sweetheart. You’re gushing right now aren’t you?! And it has been the best journey of my life. I have a pet Beagle, Baxtor who is the absolute apple of my eye, I simply adore him. He’s a brat and knows exactly how to manipulate me and get away with it. Zoey is our lovebird and she’s a mean girl, often biting Bax and I but her Dad can do no wrong. I’m such a homebody really. Curling up with a good book and my dog at my feet is my favourite pastime. Did I mention that I’m pretty crafty at making desserts? Well there’s that too.image

    4.  What do you do?

    I’m an HR Business Partner for a corporate company by day (shocked right?) and a writer by night. I’ve recently published my debut contemporary romance novel, Waiting for You (Yay!) and have a second book to be released on 8 November 2016. It’s been an exciting journey and one I pinch myself about every day.

    5.  What do you find most challenging about your job and have you come across any negativity or nastiness and how have you dealt with the challenges or negativity?

    I haven’t had much nastiness with the writing field just yet but I must admit that publisher rejections are tough to take. Joining writing groups could also work both ways because most of the times you learn so much about the craft and other times you realise how long of a way you still have to go. The few Blogger groups that I am on though are really amazing. They have been supportive in featuring me on their blogs and sharing the news about my success and it humbles me because I never expected so much kindness from a group of strangers.

    6.  Do you have any Mentors or people you admire and why?

    Lauren Layne is a writer in the same genre that I write in and she’s the kind of author I aspire to be. Her books are funny and poignant and filled with so much emotion that her characters become tangible people. Her stories stay with me well after the last page is turned and that’s what I hope to achieve with my readership

    7.  Have you made friends/famous people through your work?:

    Oh gosh, not yet! But hopefully one day! Soon!

    8.  Lastly tell us where else we can find you Online:image

Now I bet you are just bursting to get into Melissa’s book. You can purchase it here or why not enter Currychicks giveaway.

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