Offbeat Poetry


Black or white?
Friendship or spite?
Family or career?
Move front or rear?


Cowardly or brave?
Tyrant or slave?
Persevere or despair?
Apathy or care?



Dark or light?
Hide or fight?
Sit back or strive?
Honest or connive?


Live or be alive…
Make the choice and thrive.
Whether you pick a choice is also a choice,
But to move forward, you must raise your voice.

Geethika Simma

A kindred spirit with a dry wit and a sharp tongue. I have an unhealthy obsession with reading and writing. I also sing a bit and shuffle my feet to music which I’d like to think as dance. When I leave my hair out, I look like someone who enjoys sticking their fingers in the electrical socket.

This blog is an outlet for my scribbles, doodles, and occasionally a platform for my poetry and artwork. It could be a simple observation about life or a heated debate about the political atmosphere in India – any topic under the sun and galaxies beyond could serve as writing material for me.

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