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Empowering the Girl Child

When we are young, one of the first thing that we learn to say is the word “mother.” Even in the world of scriptures, the first thing we learn is “Mathru Devo Bhava,” which means, “the Mother is equivalent to God.” In a world where the mother or a woman in general plays such an important role, isn’t it absolutely necessary to educate them?


Today, I Geethika Simma, feel extremely privileged to be educated. In India, only about 50% of the female population is educated, while more than 75% of the men are literate. Why have we neglected women’s education for such a long time?

Educating the girl child plays an important role at various levels in society; it is useful to maintain a sense of discipline in the family, improves the country’s economy, and is beneficial for the society in general. It is said that when you educate a man, you only teach an individual, but when you educate a woman, you instruct an entire family. All in all, providing a woman with knowledge is like opening a door of wisdom and new opportunities.

We’ve downtrodden upon the women in our country for centuries together, and it is high time that we put an end to it. The first step is to spread awareness about this issue. Support and encourage women in your own family to go on to do their higher studies. Treat her with the same respect that you would give to any other person. Let us stride forward towards empowering the girl child.

Geethika Simma

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