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The North Star

The brightest star in the sky,
I glimmer and twinkle, oh so high;
I guide the lonely sailor sitting on the mast,
As he travels across the oceans vast.



Thunder, lightning, blizzard or storm,
Unflinching and strong is my form;
I am the proud and mighty North Star,
King of all celestial champions here and far.

Geethika Simma

A kindred spirit with a dry wit and a sharp tongue. I have an unhealthy obsession with reading and writing. I also sing a bit and shuffle my feet to music which I’d like to think as dance. When I leave my hair out, I look like someone who enjoys sticking their fingers in the electrical socket.

This blog is an outlet for my scribbles, doodles, and occasionally a platform for my poetry and artwork. It could be a simple observation about life or a heated debate about the political atmosphere in India – any topic under the sun and galaxies beyond could serve as writing material for me.

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