15 signs your guy is in a committed relationship with you- Real Goals

You love him and wants to take your relationship to the next level. But you aren’t sure whether he also feels the same for you?

So here is the list of the top 15 signs that he serious about you

15 signs of committed relationship

#15 You tell each other absolutely everything

This is the beginning of the real relationship goals. Love is when two imperfect people accept each other with all flaws and dirty habits. Committed people literally shares everything (even their secrets). That’s the beauty of the real relationship.

So, if your guy shares even the smallest thing he did today never let him go.

#14 Planning about future

When your guy talks about your future, Baby’s name, marriage, family, then this is the right time to go ahead with this relationship. Not so serious boys are scared of committing. If your partner doesn’t want to meet your parents, ask you for more time than probably he is not serious about you.

#13 You know each other’s password

People in love do not fear about anything. And, since you both already know everything about each other, you are not scared to share your passwords. In fact, they don’t even check your private messages and will only use your account when you say. The message? Love doesn’t have a place for possessiveness, doubts, and fear.

#12 You know where he is when not with you

Even when he is not around, you exactly know where he is. Your guy will inform you where he is going and you don’t even need to check on him. If your guy doesn’t hide where he is going then this is  a great sign of understanding he is dead serious about you.

Cheaters would rather ask where you are and will not tell about them. They double sure themselves to not be caught red handed.

“True love is not finding someone else, but finding your other half”

#11 He makes an effort with things you like

Nothing is more lovely when a guy puts special efforts on things you like. For example, he doesn’t like watching movies or a specific food which you like but still sees a movie with you and also orders that food even if he doesn’t like.

A Couple in the genuine relationship eventually starts liking what their partners like. And, stops talking to those people who you don’t like.

#10 He publicly displays his love and affection for you

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels when he holds my hand, even in public and puts his arms around me (in a good way). This is the indication to other males that she is mine. If your guy also does this. Shows his love and affection, even in public then take him to your parents. He is the one!.

#9 Meeting each other parents

This is the sweetest thing your guy can do to give you a hint. Although, it doesn’t happen in a month. After a certain period he himself will realize that this is the right time to meet your parents. He will show respect and love just like his own family.

#8 He values your opinion

This is another great sign to identify the guy who is in a committed relationship. If he comes to you for your advice and support then you are indeed very special. Mostly, guys are not very open to talking about their problems, they strictly keep these things to their special ones.

#7 Introduces you to his friends

He loves you and wants the world to know about you. You know all his close buddies. This step usually comes before meeting the parents. When a guy doesn’t care about how you are looking, whether you are presentable enough to meet his friends, then this is a great sign for you. If his friends already know about you then this means he’s been talking about you.

#6 He loves you even in your worst mood

A couple who loves each other even in their bad mood is the luckiest. If you are going through a bad day and throws tantrums. He would still calmly get chocolates and your favorite food to make you happy. What else do want a guy to do for you?

“When love is real, it finds a way”- Avatar Roku

#5 You don’t need to wear makeup when you are with him

When you are so comfortable with your guy that you can move around with no makeup at all. Doesn’t need to look your best. This means you have reached to that point of your relationship where your outer beauty has no significance. Enjoy this unconditional love.

#4 He never asks you to do something which you don’t like

He loves you just the way you are. He doesn’t want you to change anything about you. A girl doesn’t need a perfect man, she just wants someone who will understand that she is not perfect. Values you, respects you and loves you just the way you are.

#3 He often calls you

Naah, I am talking about 50 calls a day. Who even wants that? A call just to tell her that you miss her in your busy schedule is more than enough. Just letting her know that you are on her mind does wonder. Messaging is fine and a call is even better to express your love.

#2 He puts photo of you two on Facebook

When a guy uploads a picture of you two, then this is a hint for you. He wants people to know that you are his girl.

A guy who takes a lot of time or does not make your relationship official on Facebook is probably not serious about you.

#1 Says ‘ I love you’ and proves it

Saying I love you 100 times a day doesn’t mean he loves you. Saying + action=True love. He gives you little surprises, takes you to date, Kiss you, he doesn’t always take a move (physical relationship), accepts you, loves you unconditionally, etc., are the signs that he is dead serious about you.

If your guy shows you these signs, then he is dead serious about you.

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