Everything you wanted to know about psychology but didn’t know whom to ask

It is amazing to see the kind of interest psychology generates. For many of us, at the first glance, psychology does seem like an interesting and simple subject to master. But very soon, we realize it is not so. And, the more we read about psychology, the more we will relate to the many theories and the more we understand about ourselves.

Look at it this way.

A biologist uses a microscope to see things that are out of the bounds of the normal human eye. An engineer builds, designs, and manipulates things that are outside him. A doctor helps others maintain good health. They learn and understand their subject by operating on things outside of them. It might be plants, animals, humans, things, so on. But for psychologists and psychiatrists, they are their own subjects.  They grow every day just by understanding themselves and their thought processes which help them reach out to others easily.  They have to see through themselves first.

Now, the reason why I’m talking about general psychology here is that I believe there are a lot of misconceptions about the subject. I’ve seen that people rarely talk about psychology in real life. But they do want to know a lot of psychology-related stuff and generally Google them up for answers. I hope to answer some of the most basic questions and queries relating to the field. In the process, I hope to make it more accessible and clear to you; and also show you why it’s one of the most important fields of study. Continue reading…

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