Marriage is the most beautiful thing in the world

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I am glad you are reading this. I have seen internet flooded with topics against marriage. But Marriage is the most beautiful thing in the world. And, I really mean it.
I’m sure even you would agree with me if you clear your head with myths about marriage. I am going to explain them too!.
People who are really in love and those who are happily married would definitely be remembering those lovely memories with your spouse (before and after marriage). While those who think guns don’t kill people marriage does would be hating me for this. ????
But This is my opinion! When you see people living a happy life, your perception changes. What I really mean is that this is a situation case. It is the people who can make or make it. Then why Blaming the word “marriage”.

Marry only when you are ready to get married

The myths about marriages

Myth No 1 – Marriages fail

The biggest myth about marriage is that they fail. But that’s not true. And, you know what these failed marriages ideas come from Hollywood and Bollywood. Real life and Reel life are different. Yes, few marriages fail. But that’s mere because of lack of understanding, trust, and love.
Not all marriages have a sad ending. Many couples stay a very happy life. If you religiously believe in marriage, it will turn to be the most beautiful thing in the life.

Myth No 2 – Marriage ends up the Romance

This is the second myth everyone has. People have this myth that marriage ends up the Romance. This is because of the family and kids. In reality, this family and burden are not the reasons for ending romance instead you have a support system. A happy family stays long, wealthier and healthier. Those who consider their spouse and kids as their support system lives a blissful life. Nothing changes at all. Your love is not divided instead it is only growing with different roles you are playing.

Beautiful Reasons For Marriage


#8 A name for your relationship

He loves her. She loves Him. And, they lived happily ever after. Question – If Dating is enough, then why marrying someone?. Answer – Marriage is the destination of your love life. It is the name for your relationship.
What if a guy says that I love you, but I can’t marry you? Think of it.

#7 You are truly in love

You have been dating someone for really long and you still genuinely love him/her. Then what is the next step? Take your relationship ahead and think if you are ready for a blissful married life.

#6 Sharing nights

There is nothing more wonderful than snuggling into his strong body in the middle of the night. Did you ever tell him to hold you tight? His love, his warmth is so pleasant. Enjoy the pleasures of married life.

#5 Support System

I have been repetitively telling that marriage is the best support system one can ever have. When you are going through difficult times, you know that you have spouse right there as standing with you. And you just need to relax. Even this is a pleasure of marriage.

#4 Parenting kids together

The biggest day of a couple is when they become mother and father. It is a big responsibility but you have to enjoy this phase because marriage is the most beautiful thing in the world. You don’t only grow as a person, but also grow as parents. Encourage each other and rely on each other’s wisdom.

#3 Sharing an important part of life with someone

Staying single sounds appealing. Many have this perception that a single life is far better than a married life. But, the reality is that everyone need someone (partner) in their life to share their happiness and sadness. It’s ok to be low sometimes. Have a great time together.

#2 You can count on him

Billions of people in this world. Yet, on how many can you count? When you are single you have no one to call your own. But your spouse is the one on whom you can rely. You have someone to count on and he/she is yours legally.
And when you have such legal relationship your life become joyful. Isn’t it?

#1 You have found your soul mate

When you look at him/her you get goose bumps? You feel alive when you look at him? Can you never get mad at him/her? If you found this person then what is better than proposing your soulmate for marriage.


Read This

Shilpa and Apurva Agnihotri on Sony Entertainment Television’s reality show POWER COUPLE says,

“It’s the most beautiful thing in the entire world. I have been married for twelve years and I have been living a fairy tale life. Get married, be happy. We never ever fight and never let our arguments go to an extreme level. It takes so much energy to fight. Wake up happy, sleep happy is the best funda in life. I have heard that couples need space in a relationship, but space is for rockets. Chill, have fun and be thankful to god for everything. We also party and holiday together,” said Shilpa.

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