Top five reasons why you should not skip your breakfast

Breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, in today’s hectic schedule people find no time for it. This one good habit of having breakfast has a positive impact on your health. It keeps you active, helps in brain functionality by making it sharper, balances body weight etc. Skipping means you are missing out on vital nutrients. So never skip your breakfast again.

The best options for a healthy breakfast is to include foods rich in fiber and proteins.

Here’s why you should never skip your breakfast

#5 Boost your metabolism


The exact amount of energy your body needs to maintain its function is refereed as metabolism. The metabolism tends to decrease when you sleep ( since your body has fewer requirements). So the first important meal initiates Thermogenesis, which is the metabolic process of digesting and transporting food. A faster metabolism, helps allows you to burn more calories. So, not skipping this meal every day will make you healthy and not overweight.

#4 Maintains a healthy weight


There are many reasons why breakfast eaters have a healthy weight, while the non eaters are over weight.

  • Slower metabolism does not burn calories.
  • When you stay hungry for a long period of time, the food you eat later gets stored as fat.
  • When you skip your morning meal, you are more likely to overeat during lunch and dinner.
  • Breakfast eaters are more energetic and are likely to engage in physical activity.

Keep reading the other reasons on my blog  Reasons why you should not skip your breakfast

After reading this I’m sure you will not skip your breakfast again.

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