Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part II – A Sip of Sangria

The next day things seemed different to me, I felt a little uneasy around him. I would not call that uneasiness as something discomforting or displeasing, in fact I felt more excited and euphoric. And all this because of that one hour long conversation we had.

The entire day in the office and even next couple of days went just the same, exchanging greetings and compliments and that was it, until one day. Until one day, when he suddenly asked me out for dinner. There was a text from him “Hi Naira, Let us meet Sunday Evening at 7, but it isn’t a date“. I felt awkward and thrilled all at once. But then I reluctantly agreed, because I wanted to know why would he ask me out with a disclaimer. Nevertheless, I eagerly waited for Sunday to come. “Naira, I’m there downstairs“, Ranbir was right there bang on time. “I’ll need a couple of minutes more“, I said. “Take your time please“, he replied.

I came downstairs and sat in the car, a little clumsy, a little nervous and of course in a perplexed state of mind. He played some soft music and said “We are a little late already, I had made a booking“. My eyes sparkled as I looked at him awestruck, “Oh, you planned it!”, I said. “I like things planned“, came his calculative reply. And I kept quiet till we reached our destination – Barcelos, Sector 29.

A simple yet nice, completely unromantic place, of course it wasn’t a date at all. But it was more than just dine out too. I was quietly listening to his daylong experiences as I took a sip of Sangria and then he suddenly said, “You know it’s not right. You are invading my personal space and I’m not ready for it“. I didn’t know what he was talking about or at least I pretended so. “We are different Naira, we are really different“, he said. And then I was pretty clear, he knew about my feelings for him.

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