We Are the 21st Century Generation & Not Guilty About It

Even though the world has been modernized to an extent that is sometimes incomprehensible, yet there are certain things that we as a 21st Century generation have figured out for ourselves. Yes, we are not “Americanized” and neither are we a confused lot (I mean; only sometimes we are). We are not trying to bridge the yawning gap between two generations, just trying to pave our way to a World that can make peace with the two extreme outlooks.

We are not under bad influence, just stuck up in neither-here-nor-there culture and we are finding our way. But there’s one thing that we have figured out – We can never be like you. And honestly, we don’t feel guilty about it.

1. Even for us Family is Top-Priority

Before you misjudge or misunderstand us, let’s get this fact clear. We may be different in our outlook towards life, and the definition of independence that we have learnt is certainly beyond your acceptable limits but we undeniably love and respect our families as much as you do.

2. We have become ‘Rightly Intolerant’

Yes, rightly intolerant! We are done with racism, caste, classicism and most significantly sexism. We believe in equality and respect for all. And that’s what we have been taught since childhood, isn’t it?

3. ‘Marriage’ is just a Stamp

We are less convinced with the whole Marriage thing. We are yet to understand its basis of existence. And especially after the inspiring examples, people have set for Marriage, we certainly would let that be a personal choice.

There’s always more to it… Read the full post on my blog A Fault by Default.

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