Because They Are Memories

In this chaotic world, there are innumerable things that happen to us each day. But amid those innumerable things are ones which stay in our hearts for the rest of our lives. They dig deeper than one can ever imagine, and graver than one can ever comprehend. We surely do not enter into this world with them but inevitably die with them.

These are “Memories” and they stay with us till eternity.

From the most Beautiful, Intense and Benevolent encounters to the Unimaginable, Unacceptable and Incomprehensible ones, if they could strongly impact you in any plausible manner, they become ‘Memories’.

On this beautiful planet, where the mother nature has been immensely generous and where she flaunts her mesmerizing and mystical beauty, we happen to create memories that are meant to be cherished for a lifetime. Memories, that make us who we are, and why we want to be the way we aspire to be.

As Haruki Murakami poetically puts it, “Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.

Memories possess the power of giving us strength in the most miserable and lamentable predicaments, but also the power of shattering us down with fear and insecurity, even in the most fortunate occurrences of life. And whether remarkable or despicable, they are unavoidable and to an extent even unforgettable. Perhaps, sometimes that is what we want, no matter how much they make us suffer, we just don’t want to let go of them.

Because they are memories…

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