Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part V – Intense & Graver

“Hi Naira, can we talk for a while?”
“What is it about?”
“There’s something I want to tell you, there’s something I am hiding from you…”

“But Ranbir, I’m out for dinner with my family.”
“Is there any way you can sneak away for a while and talk to me? It’s really important.”

“Who’s on the line, Naira?” My brother asked.
“It’s from the office Bhai.”
“Come on Naira, you can talk later.” Brother replied.

“I’m sorry Ranbir but I’ll have to talk to you later”
“Okay Naira. I’ll wait.”

Throughout the dinner, I kept thinking about it. What is it that he wants to tell me, what is it that he’s hiding from me, and why does he want to disclose it now? My mind was full of unanswered complicated set of questions. Nevertheless, I came back to the much-needed family time. We had been so occupied in our lives lately that we barely got time to sit with each other and I didn’t want to mess things up. It was Family Dine Out.

Read more about how it gets intense and graver on the full post at my blog, A Fault by Default.

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