Diary of a Girl Next Door – Part VII – Ranbir & Naira Kiss


Nine O’ Clock

I switched off the lights of my room as I was leaving for office. I stepped down the stairs and walked out the door.

“Naira, stop.” I heard someone call my name. I turned behind. It was Ranbir.
“What are you doing here? I asked you to stay away from me.”
“What other option did you leave at my disposal? I have been trying to talk to you for a week. You don’t answer my calls, don’t reply to my messages and even ignore me in the office.”
“Ranbir, after what you have done to me, what else do you expect from me?”
“Naira, sit inside the car.”
“Enough. Sit inside the car.”
He looked into my eyes and said authoritatively.

I sat inside the car and we started off, apparently to the office. For the first couple of minutes, we stayed mum. Then I realized he took a different route, perhaps by mistake, I thought at once but he didn’t make a U-turn. If we continued on the same route, we weren’t going to reach office for sure.

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