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Close on the heels of our earlier news announcement, the public beta has been made centerstage at our parent website of Blow Trumpet.

It’s really exciting to share that we have a microsite fully dedicated towards telling you about what is Blog Trumpet, and how we are working to deliver content with a “Digital Twist”.

We have been working tirelessly to bring to you a solid platform, integrating many of the wanted features in our technology. We are also well interlaced with our content creating bloggers who have made this platform incredibly human and well-poised for a great start.

Coupled with industry experience from the Digital Marketing world at Blow Trumpet, we are confident at targeting great content to a splendid audience, with in-depth knowledge of

  • tastes & preferences
  • culture & demographics
  • needs, ambitions, aspirations and desire.

Keeping this announcement short and sweet, we look forward to connecting with you at the Blow Trumpet website, and through many more channels to come, as we develop further, with more and new exciting features for a long journey ahead.

Thank you for being a part of Blog Trumpet. Happy Blogging!

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