Khatun says, “The OA” is the original, but why..?

The OA

Netflix released the trailer of their new series The OA, only 4 days before it premiered. The OA Season 1, most definitely brought along a fresh mind bending concept, with an unreasonable end.

It only took 1 weekend for The OA to become Netflix’s latest binge obsession. While Brit (The director), managed to create consistent implausible traps, in the end, she left us wondering about the unsatisfactory termination. Not to mention, we are living in a golden age of sci-fi TV shows, where the expectations are relatively high.

Netflix Original

Uniquely, the creators, physicists, archaeologists and science fanatics, are opening doors to limitless Cosmo slots. Then again, there was a time when we thought the concept of “Star Trek” was far fetched. That has changed in recent times, as we see more and more collective consciousnessmushrooming. The all embracing development, has allowed the legacy to loom in the shimmer of mind’s individuality. This winter, Netflix certainly drew a great chunk of its visitors to watch The OA, which released on December 16th 2016. If Season 1 left you with a lot of questions, then you may find most of your answers in this article. Before we hit the likely suspense of Season 2, let me run you through the snippets of Season 1.
Cast: Brit Marling (OA), Jason Isaacs (Dr. Hunter Hap), Emory Cohen (Homer), Brandon Perera (Alphonso), Riz Ahmed (Elias FBI Agent), Hiam Abbass (Khatun), Ian Alexander (Buck Vu)


The OA (Original Angel) Season 1

The OA stars Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson, a blind woman missing for 7 years, who turns up at a hospital, with strange scars on her back, that she wont talk about. When she returns, she calls herself “The OA.” While her family is torn between astonishment, and nightmares, she reveals that she has gained her sight. Her parents had named her Prairie, after her blue eyes, however she insists on being called the OA.

The OA retraces the dramatic twists and turns in her, life after a childhood accident leading to a fateful encounter far from home many years later. The OA believed that her parents wont understand her journey, hence she secretly formed a bond of trust with 5 other individuals. She recruits 4 high school students and their teacher (Phyllis Smith) and tells them the story of her captivity by Hunter Hap (Jason Isaacs). She tells these 5 people, that she needs to be somewhere, and they can help her get there. Before which, she narrates her life story to them.

Episode 3-6

A surprising twist unfolds, when she explains that she is originally a Russian, who was born with a perfect vision. She had lost her mother at a very early age, thereafter an accident led her to lose her sight, and her father died in an accident soon after. This is when her current family adopted her, from her aunt in exchange of money. Diagnosed psychotic, she wants to return to another realm and turns to a group from a local high school.

She explains the 7 years of absence, and how she was abducted by a scientist for an experiment. Hap had kidnapped 4 people with NDE’s to study their connection to the afterlife. Now free, The OA teaches her new friends the skills she learned. Every night, she tells a story which includes thwarting death in captivity, crossing dimensions and gaining supernatural powers. This is also when she begins to teach them the movements.

Episode 6-8

On the foreground, a journalist approaches the OA’s family with an offer. While the parents consistently pursue Prairie to cooperate, she tries her best to not provide real information. On the other hand, she continues narrating her story to the new group she had formed. This is where she explains the bond, she had forged with Homer and the others, at Hap’s place. She also unfolded, as to how they had hatched a desperate plan of escape, with no success.

An agonising dilemma gives OA a new perspective, on the group’s plight. Moreover, Homer resolves to find out what Hap’s experiments are really about. Scott reaches his breaking point. One of Hap’s experiments fail, and Scott dies, this is when OA and Holmer bring him back to life. Call it the power of brain, or help from the guardian angels, or magical support from universe! There are multiple of dimensions to explore. Meanwhile, Hap zeroes in on a new test subject in Cuba. Homer and OA work to perfect their escape plan, and are joined by the other two.

The Final Escape

OA narrates, as to how they had figured 4 movements, and were in search for the final one, when a startling turn of events gave Hap’s work a new urgency. OA figured the emergency, as she had known Hap a little better than the others. In the past, Hap had hired her as house help, considering she was blind and couldn’t escape. While Hap had underestimated the power of her mind, OA proved him wrong at a couple of occasions. Nonetheless, as soon as Hap figures that Holmer and OA have figured the 5th movement, he finds a way to get OA far away from Holmer and the house. To her luck, it was they city she went missing from. However, OA didn’t know a thing about Hap’s location, except that they were in the basement of some castle at a far away location.

While OA gives out her story to her new set of friends, she also begins to speak to the FBI officer. Elias, the FBI agent works with her more like a psychiatrist, than an agent. Thereafter, an ominous new dream and a tense outing with Nancy and Abel take a toll on OA. Steve finds his life in turmoil once again. On the other hand, OA’s final interpretation of her story recounts a dramatic final night at Hap’s.

Nonetheless, the others in the new group begin to see her story in a new light. They find books in her room, which narrate the same stories as hers. The fragments of the dream click into place, after the school faces an anonymous shoot out. OA’s new group emerges out of the crowd, and performs the 5 movements she had taught them. They manage to distract the shooter, however OA gets shot in the process. The last scene shows her happy, however it’s unclear if she’s alive or dead. The director definitely let her imagination run wild on the subject, a fascinating sci-fi series about NDE’s.

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