Vantaa, The International Airport of Helsinki

Recently, Finland has been in news for receiving a Scandinavian Mountain from Norway as their 100th Birthday present. Compassionate neighbourhood stories from Scandinavia and Nordic region, restores our faith in humanity.  Not to Mention, The International Airport of Helsinki, welcomes it’s tourists into a warm forest setting.


What could be a more appropriate time to visit this prepossessing country, that contains thousands of lakes and unmatched scenic beauty. Landing at Helsinki International Airport, is an evidence that Fins love their Wood. As the flight gradually landed from over the forests, on to the runway; the pine tree forest range chased our sight until we made our way to the Interiors. A Forest in the city! My first thought about Helsinki.

The Airport at Vantaa

Nature in your lap at all times! The city of Helsinki, and its residents make a conscious effort to connect with Mother Earth. If you are traveling from one of the noisiest cities in the world, then Helsinki is a perfect getaway for some quiet countryside love.

The new Kainuu lounge at the Airport, lets you stretch your legs beneath a tree and listen to a bird song while waiting to board a flight. Finavia has opened this lounge for all its passengers, where it allows them to relax and wait for their flight while listening to the tranquil sounds of the forest.

The lounge has been decorated in the spirit of the Kainuu region, with chairs made from trees that fell by the wind and singing deadwood. Additionally, you will find sleeping capsules for passengers in transit.


August, they say is the best time to visit this side of the world. It was pleasantly Sunny, as I walked out of the airport with my luggage. I checked my phone, and it was about 18°C to my surprise. When you are close to Arctic, you naturally expect it to be very cold.

However be rest assured, because the Sun shines bright enough this side to keep you warm. Don’t overload your luggage with woollens, if you are traveling to Scandinavia in August.

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