DermaGlow Rehausse-cils, the Ultimate Lash Enhancer! INR 5500

There was nothing wrong with mine, but if I could have fuller lashes, then why not ???? DermaGlow Serum will get you Fuller and Longer Lashes, that you always hoped for! I used this product for 5 weeks on my eyelashes, and by the end of it, my lashes were visibly thicker, darker and longer. They still are, hence my overall review for this product is 4 stars.

Comprehensive Analysis

The product is an unpigmented, and unscented lotion. After a few weeks of use, I began to notice the difference. Definitely works! So much more regrowth, and it took much less time than I anticipated. I have used DermaGlow Lash Enhance growth, and conditioning treatment for about 5 weeks. Although, you will begin to notice the difference after 2 weeks, the longer and consistently you use it, the better it is.

First, there were mascaras, then came along the eyelash enhancers. While the mascara, runs a threat of being smudged, the lash enhancer leaves you with natural plush lashes. I think makes the best preferred choice, for women on-the-go. DermaGlow offers an Eye liner alike brush, that is easy for application. Moreover, you just need to apply the liquid at the base of your upper and lower lashes every night before bed.

Apply a small amount to dry lashes, as though you’re applying eyeliner. Gently brush the applicatoralong the base of the lash line For best results, use at night for a minimum of 4 weeks. Immediately discontinue, if you notice any significant redness or irritation. “Myrstoyl pentapeptides-17”, could be an allergic component, if at all.

Side Effects

The most noticeable side effect, is that the product is heavy on one’s pocket. It is priced at INR 5500 in India, and about USD 90 globally for a mere 5.5 ML case. It’s expensive, no doubt, however worth every penny. Nevertheless, the brush could be a slight problem, as it may not be long enough to reach the bottom of the tube. In other words, there will always be a few weeks product left, unless you squeeze it out by consistently tapping on the bottom.

This product, can make your lashes beautiful, which means no more mascara, or eyeliner. I would most likely purchase it again. Let me know your views, if you have tried it already.

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