Where to begin your Norway Tour

Where to begin your Norway in a Nutshell Tour

Itineraries for Norway tour can kick off in Oslo, Bergen, or Voss. Nevertheless, the core of each journey incorporates essential transportation highlights, and segments aboard the scenic Bergen Railway.

Norway Fjords

The glaciers, deep forests, countless lakes, and a few rugged ski resorts create a glorious beauty. My camera button clicked like a castanet as the bus roared over Norway’s mountainous spine.

The Norway tour began with a spectacular Bus ride, leaving Bergen at about 8 a.m. for Gudvangen.

Bergen, The City of mountains

Bergen is Norway’s 2nd largest city, and also a historic capital. The colourful port of Bergen flaunts an ancient history for merchants and seafarers, dating as far as 1070. This gateway to Norwegian fjord country is primed for excursions to neighbouring fjords. Take 2 days at Bergen to explore its tiny wooden houses, along the wharf.

Spend the night in Bergen for maximum efficiency, and zip up the funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen for city and fjord views. From Bergen, we boarded a bus to Gudvangen. An estimated journey of about 3 hours with one short break.

The picturesque Gudvangen Village

Gudvangen is a small village, set at the innermost part of the Nærøyfjord, with towering mountain peaks, and countless waterfalls. It inhabits approximately 120 residents, and you will have a lovely time here cruising the fjords.

Take a seat close to the balcony, if you want to click many pictures. There is a cafe inside the boat, in case you need a coffee or a snack. One advice – Bring your own snacks! Some for yourself, and some for the seagulls who will join you during the ride.

The Fjord Cruise, and Flam Railway, are the places of dreams, offering ultra scenic landscapes.

The Serene Flam

Flåm is a handy tourist depot. It’s famous for producing some of Norway’s best goat cheese. Nearly every train arriving at Flåm connects with a bus or boat to Aurland, also on Sognefjord. Aurland is a nearby town. There are just as many Goats in Aurland, as the number of people. The connecting fjords are arms of the glacially carved Sognefjord.

From Flåm, Nut-shellers catch the most scenic 90 minute fjord cruise. Journey between Gudvangen and Flåm on the Fjord cruise, takes about two hours in the wonders of the narrow Nærøyfjord. The steep Flåm Railway, further connects Flåm to Myrdal with some 20 tunnels, and includes a photo stop at the colossal Kjosfossen Waterfall.

The gigantic Kjosfossen Waterfall and the Journey through Myrdal

From Flåm on Sognefjord, a 12-mile spur line takes you to Myrdal. You can call it a party train, because the engineer stops the train to snap pictures at the picturesque Kjosfossen Waterfall.

A recorded voice instructed us to get off the train and admire the massive Kjosfossen waterfall, on the left. Lovely views and free wifi on the journey. The train also has a restaurant on board, and the view on either side is splendid.

Myrdal is an area in AurlandNorway. Its only built-out facility is Myrdal Station on the Bergen Lineand the Flåm Line. There is a small village surrounding the station. I spent an extra night in the charming village of Geilo, surrounded by snow capped mountains. Staying at Vestlia Skii Resort was an experience in itself! Although it wasn’t open for skiing in August, however the interiors and the snug stay captivated far more than just my attention. Seamless experience.

It’s more popular as Finse 1222

Finse is a stop on the Bergen Railway. A bit of a deviation from the well trodden stops on the “Norway in a Nutshell” route.

This 10 residents town is set on a tiny mountain enclave, and is accessible only by train. It’s a great base for seeking sweet solitude, and outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, ski-sailing, and glacier walks. The supplementary train fare is $16, which will get you a reservation onward to Myrdal or Oslo the next day.

The Great Oslo Beta City

My trip began in Bergen, the first Norwegian capital in the historic times. Furthermore, It ended in Norway’s modern capital, Oslo, on the east coast of this Scandinavian nation. The customisable “Norway in a Nutshell” trip is totally designed with independent travellers in mind. All modes of transportation had amazing views.

Norway in a Nutshell, is that one trip, that should be on your priority bucket list, if you love nature. It’s beyond anything you may have seen before.

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