How does it feel to be a Mom Today? – Tussles of the Millennial Moms

One afternoon our house was clamor-free, not necessary to say that my tiny tots were napping. Unlike every other day, I didn’t want to utilize those precious two hours in keeping up with my lagging chores. Rather I took advantage of that tranquil time to have some inner conversation. I was staring away engulfed in numerous thoughts. My day was another usual parenting episode, running non-stop to relentlessly cope up with the needs of my little masters. My mind wheel was swirling hard wondering, why am I struggling so much as a mother? I don’t remember my mom facing any such intense stress or pressure when she was raising us. Is it all because I am one of those millennial moms? I felt some wisdom was hailing over and here goes my realization of being a millennial mom.


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