Om Namah Shivaaya

The Eternal locks and Divine Strands,
Moon ever so radiant, means to me a heavenly calm.
The Serpent keeping the senses in control,
Mother Ganga to temper the heat and flow away all vices, sins.

Armed with Trishul, Enamoured by the Damroo,
Oh Mind you are sharp to understand the values of Truth,Righteousness, Peace and Love.
Melodies of Music to calm you down,
The Power Of Shiva and the Love of a Mother.

Shed all inhibitions, give up all desires,
Lead a life full of virtues and austerity.
Clad in Loin, bare necessities, a Ceiling on Desires.
Calmness pervades ever so light.

Up above clouds in soaring Heights,
Human spirit soars, in a land so white and snow,
Chill that pierces the skin, yet unaffected
Levels where all that matters is a Divine Connect

Naked Skin, Exposed to all elements,
Face that glows, Hand that showers, Smile that pervades.
Blessings from above, lead a life so worthy,
There is Happiness and Bliss thats ever so charming.

Greatness so Close, Divinity a Whisper away.
Lucratives all Man-made, Divinity is God-Made
Sought Him in Temples, jostled in rushes,
Searched Him All Over, and not within The Self.

Give it all away, spurn all Desires,
Love All Serve All, That is the only mission forward.
Selfless Seva, A Face that smiles and Radiates True Love for Mankind
That’s The only Mantra-Om Namah Shivaaya…….

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