Asia House puts a great impact with its Culinary Magic

Food has it own space of joy for all ,or lets put it this way its probably the only ultimate source of happiness in everyone’s life. And when you get it yummy and wholesome its even better and delightful indeed. That is what ASIA HOUSE made me feel in my recent visit at their location 17 A, Lake View Road, Southern Avenue, Kolkata .

This newly opened restaurant specializes with a great selection of Asian cuisine right from Chinese,Thai,Burmese,Vietnamese,Indonesian,Malaysian,Singaporean and still many to add on in the days to come maybe.It is definitely going to attract many food lovers in the city who love to get their kind of food right in one place. The kind of place this restaurant is located is very nice and very easy to locate if you are prominent with Southern avenue lanes .Coming to the decor and interior i must say they have kept the restaurant to look fine dine as much as possible with nice Asian ambiance arts displayed above the roof and nice photo frames all over making it very eye catching. Talking about the seating inside well its spacious enough for big groups of family or friends as well as for couples too so getting a table wont be a problem however table bookings must be recommended at times .

The Hospitality displayed by the staff and owners were very courteous and encouraging to feast on with complete satisfaction which definitely was very pleasing to notice. A big Thumbs up at my end for building a positive atmosphere around which sure added more flavour and meaning to the food relished totally.

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