The Irish House Pub in Kolkata is worthy of a place to be in

The Irish House Pub in Kolkata precisely located at the 5th Floor, Quest Mall, 33, Syed Ali Amir Avenue, Ballygunge, Kolkata is one of those places for people like me who have always bookmarked it or you may say ignored it at times as i never had the reason to go thinking a lot of factors in mind ( Non-Alcoholic , Poor man etc.). But let me tell you that after reading this blog post you might change your mind like me and make it a point to give it a visit at least a few times at the beginning and surely get the hang of it .

Why and how am i telling all this is because of my recent visit to this Irish feel Pub which happened very celebratory thanks to Atreya for organising a special Blogger’s meet .The place looks very super fine and attractive as even from a far distance if you are standing on the 5th floor this place is a head turner for sure and totally grabs the spotlight of the floor. Irish house separates itself from the not so casual pubs to a next level pub for all the right reasons as the city people never had an opportunity to get this kind of a pub before. When i say (This kind )means the most polished looking pub with such fine appealing and eye grabbing decor even outside it has that heavy wooden setup of doors which once pushed and opened ,your heart will literally say welcome to another world .So with that in mind moving on ,inside there is a lot of quirky and catchy quotes all around which kind of cheers you up reading them .Along with that there is lot of wooden interiors ,and the complete outlook and arrangements has huge heavy tables and chairs which justifies the Irish feel here indeed.The Swanky dressed bar placed in the center of the property looks mesmerizingly decked up with glasses and designs of all sorts truely is the answers to all the problems in life for the alcohol loving folks indeed .Come feel good here is the tagline i would give this place for its pulsating music and ,for the ambiance overall well i must say its on top point with the courteous service displayed by the entire team.

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