The Mouth Watering Appetisers on Kyro’s Menu

The Tasting Tour at Kyro Indore continued

Reva (Blogger) and I were presented with further Delish accompaniments. What I admire most at Kyro Indore is the marriage between the western and Indian flavours. Kyro being the brainchild of Karan and Kunal Verma, the youngest culinary experts in Indore!

A brief conversation with Karan Verma revealed his intense passion for cooking. He spends hours in the Kitchen, and that is how creative food inventions take birth inside Kyro’s Kitchen. Then again, they have equally dynamic chef’s who deliver authenticity with each bite. Let’s check out some more savoury starters!


Jaituni Paneer Tikka

Vegetarians love their Paneer Tikka’s, and Kyro understands that no one loves monotonous flavours. Therefore, they chose an unique palate to compliment the most classic dish you find on every menu.

The extensive seasoning and marination is the ultimate core of this appetiser. Although I couldn’t get the Chef to reveal the ingredients, however I can tell you that it tasted soft and delicious. Above all, the acidic flavour of the dish made me wonder if Olives were a part of the preparation.

Mutton Dhori Kebab

Next to arrive on the Table was ‘Mutton Dhori Kebab’, a contemporary take on the traditional Mughlai Seekh Kebab. This Minced meat preparation is encased in Beetroot flavour and topped with sliced bell peppers. Beetroot was originally cultivated by Romans, and it’s one ingredient that is very rich in antioxidants.

It is a great source of fibre and minerals like iron, potassium and manganese which are essential for good health. These mouth melting speciality kebabs have a very distinguished flavour, and you must try them while you are at Kyro.

Malai Broccoli

This one is a Tandoor dish with a peculiar taste of cream and herbs. In other words, I could describe it as Broccoli Tikka, with an ambrosial binding. A delightful amalgamation of spongy yet crunchy Broccoli and tangy cheddar cheese! In addition, The Chef uses fresh cream, peppercorns, more cheese, ginger-garlic, chillies and a magical touch to put it all together. Above all, this appetiser is a guaranteed mood enhancer.

I prefer authentic European food and I like it Bland and healthy. On the other hand, if you like your food spicy then you must try this dish with a sprinkle of oregano and chilli flakes.

Roti pe Boti

We closed the night with a traditional Indian finger food speciality. Roti pe Boti, as the name suggests is a savoury item which means minced meat on bread. The tender minced meat is placed on the top of the miniature thin crust bread base. Thereafter, it is garnished with finely chopped coriander and mint. From my experience, I can promise you wont stop at the first bite.

All in all, Kyro showcased a fantastic tasting tour and the service was top class. If Quality of food and Professional service appeals you, then this is your place. Kyro houses the most elite Club and restaurant in Indore! As a matter of fact, our next post will cover some absolutely marvellous Mocktails and Cocktails. Whether you reside in the city or you are visiting from outside – Google Kyro Indore and check out the place in person for a wonderful experience.

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