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Where do you go when you want to have something to be made fast,tasty having nutritious value as a complete meal filling ? Well there are many such places to hop in for great food here in Kolkata and a lot of start up restaurants as well as creative healthy and tasty custom food eating places have emerged successfully giving a nicer choice in the food scene here. One such place which is climbing that stairs of recognition is WOKAHOLIC which is a speciality feel good restaurant having the main aspect of cooking Oriental cuisines the Wok way which has the flavour enrich inside the food the right way for the best experience. Wokaholic is situated in 8/1, Doctor UN Brahmachari Street, Loudon Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017 which is not so difficult to locate once you are in Loudon Street. The Place is owned by a few young lads and among them i got introduced to Srivar along with my fellow food bloggers and i must admit he took great care along with his work force and has patience at its best for the kind of eaters we are.

The place sets a a very smart vibe right from the display board out to the interior works inside all look very sorted and just so right . Loved the wooden tables and chairs arranged very well keeping ample space from one another . The kitchen is an open glass one so you get to actually see your food been cooked under speciality chefs which looks very exciting to see and makes you get struck by the cooking and it’s aroma in the air .The hospitality is based mostly on self comfort service than dine in types which is a trend among youth crowd of college goers and office folks too as many prefer this service kind of eating places these days and its a hit i tell you .

Find out more about the impression of the food at the full post on The Food Seeker Blog.

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