To Blog or Not to Blog?

Blogging. Not everyone’s cup of tea, eh?

It takes your life blood and sweat and what not. To start is not easy, to keep going is even more tough. But you know what the good news is? You’ve kicked aside the biggest boulder – apprehensions – and now the road’s easy to go! Nothing will prick you, if you remain headstrong.

Blogging is all about letting others soak in your pool of knowledge. There’s immense gratification in doing something for the greater good and knowing you’re doing the right thing. Haven’t we all faced trouble in finding the right things over the internet? I still do.

That’s why when I started to blog, my ambition was clear – to blog about things, sought but not found; in writing, of course. So, yes, the journey is tedious, demanding, challenging, and sometimes, hardly rewarding. But no matter the challenges; time constraints or unavailability of reference materials, writing blocks or dry days, I remind myself each day –

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Once begun, there’s no looking back.

To blog or not to blog? When that happens with me!

It’s the zillions of reiterations of topics that make me want to not blog at all. In the past decade, very few interneteers reaped the fruits of true blogging by providing with quality content. As the digital wave grasps us all, now more than ever, there’re billions of articles on each and every subject. But very few worth reading; most are just rehashed works.

So then, I say to myself,

Well, yes, there are loads of articles out there. Why should I blog about it? Why would readers want to read mine?

And just as naturally the answer comes to me.

I write from my own experience. And isn’t experience the best teacher? So, I write on. I blog on. And here’s me saying –

Help will always be given at Asha’s Blog to those who ask for it. 😛 🙂

So, to blog or not to blog? Isn’t the question! What’s your take? Do share your thoughts.

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