The Coastal Food Connection

To be honest i don’t look forward in eating at seafood restaurants most of the times when i plan to dine anywhere.You may call me a funny and rare specimen of a food enthusiast for that and i will humble accept that fact without any arguments in defence or offence. But to be invited at The Coastal Macha,Restaurant recently has put in some amount of encouragement in me to start visiting more such places like this and in fact why not visit The Coastal Macha itself more often and recommend it too for the Coastal delicious eatings here. So lets get to know about ‘The Coastal Macha’ which is one of a kind Restaurant owned and operated by Sabrina and Piyush who are very pleasant and welcoming over here. The restaurant is spread open at 55, Southern Avenue, Kolkata and is decked up right from out till inside in a sparkling jazzed up manner. A lot of lights and interior works makes this place a eye catcher indeed. You will see the Coastal connect for its Fish basket decor hanging in the corners of the installed lights above tables and glass facades around .The entrance has some nice set of small colourful boat structures hung in the side stair way on the wall.The seating arrangement is impressively a 38 seater spread which is very good. The view from the dining space hits the capture of the road which definitely makes eating very enjoyable and nice. The idea of giving the tables a layer of sand ,shells and stones below the transparent glass is a complete theme setter of this place.I loved the whole set up,hats off to the designing team for the whole idea incorporation.

The service is efficient enough to make you feel good here.The food spread here is very interesting and great on taste ,presentation ,quality and quantity very generous indeed. At first I was welcomed with a drink called KOKUM COOLER which was identified in red colour and had a lovely taste of Kokam fruit totally very refreshing.

Read more about the appetizer dishes and the main course in the full post on my The Food Seeker blog.

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