South Indian Food for you at Banana Leaf

Okay to start of this blog i must say i have been experiencing a lot of Non-Veg eating places lately and i needed a very small change in my eating pattern and that is when Banana Leaf situated at Sector -5 sounded exciting to me as i needed to have a Vegetarian meal affair and South Indian cuisine is something i always look forward too when i am giving Non-veg a break. The Sector-5 restaurant of Banana leaf is owned and operated by Rajesh Bala who owns three restaurants in the City with the same brand name BANANA LEAF .Like all its other restaurant outlets ,over here the same love and deliciousness of food is available for you. At first on reaching here Mr. Rajesh being the humble gentlemen that he is ,welcomed us all to have a food experience of a kind which i was very interested and anxious about.So in this blog you will get to know what all i had enjoyed eating along with my fellow respected food bloggers .

So i read a couple of reviews before coming here and i was very much impressed with the positive feedback customers have showered this place with, which is totally justified. However there were a few of the reviews which were a bit negative and kind of pointless to me like comparing an restaurant operating in Kolkata and expecting a price to be that of local South. Now the thing i would want to let people know who expect something like that or similar in the case, that there is something called Authentic and especially in another city which means originality and character to me. I personally did not feel the prices expensive when there is quality and great ambiance to feast under, then what else do you want more? The Comparison part comes only when you are getting the same kind of food and environment not the same kind of adaptation or resemblance. I even had an easy communication with the staff as many had written they were not understanding the language while taking orders.Probably a little time settles everything and i am not denying the reviews are wrong on that but giving a little time does give hope for improvising . Anyway, the overall feel of the place is very much new age of a South Indian restaurant to be like. With fully Air conditioned and ample seating area this place is a comfort zone for groups of friends, office goers, family like crowd and also for the individuals for sure too. The place is nicely done in green Banana leaf colour around the walls, also nice menu pictures are displayed all over the walls which look very neat. Coming to the food part Banana Leaf does justice in its food prospective for sure and the eating of which i got to have was something like this:

A) Idly and Sada Vada – Well this combination of idly and vada in a plate was really some good eating. Loved the softness of the idly and the crispyness of the vada. Hot and fresh dipped and drenched in the accompanied sambhar, chutney made it a wonderful moment .Have it for sure when you visit this place for being simple with a good balance of taste and presentation on a shaped banana leaf.

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