Fabbrica Della is the place to come for Wonderful Italian Delicacies

Ever wondered what it is like entering a place completely different and new to you in your own city ?Well i experienced something of that sort when i visited FABBRICA DELLA,PIZZA place in 8A, Allenby Park, Elgin road which is very close to the well known Forum Mall . I happened to come here by an invite sourced by Abhishek of First Idea Pr. And i must thank him for that abundantly as it was a reverie moment for me to be here.

Fabbrica Della is a very fresh and new pizza place for those not so ordinary pizzas but the wood fire baked ones in Neapolitan style at its best. I love the fact that the place not only has specialities of food and beverages but has well organised it’s complete interior and exterior feel and look . Its so nice and elegantly set up right divided in two floors where one can choose to sit in a single sitting shared on a long table attached to the wall end and see the open kitchen flaming up the magic of culinary delicacies or you can choose to walk up the stairs and grab your table which is spread out in the floor above. I like the facade huge glass feature at the entrance and the decor lights that are in form of some crystal balls like shape of a lamp hanging on to the ceiling roof . Nice vintage like wood structures of windows compliment the art factor . A lot of thinking and planning seemed to be the reason for such a beautiful art work around. The roof above you have bulbs like lights and artificial leaves hanging making nature very close to you in a plastic form.

Before moving to the food and other set of knowledge about this place i would like to mention that on my personal level nothing went wrong at the table we sat but i expected to see a better service around the other tables where customers were sitting and as far in my notice it seemed the servers were a bit untrained constantly making mistakes around . I am very observant for every little thing and if it does not happen to me doesn’t mean that it can never happen with me in future if i walk in here,so this is one thing i would like to see an improvement here apart from that everything seemed a complete bliss.

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