The Whistling Kettle is on a roll and has my whistles of praise

The Whistling Kettle is one of the newest fine Tea Room/Cafe in the city of joy which is gaining immense attention and attraction for it to be one of a kind here.All the way with great spirit and roots of Darjeeling ,this place is located very close to the Golpark crossing or more precisely addressed at 23/3, Gariahat Rd, Kankulia, Dhakuria, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029. I was here on a invitation ,Thanks to Kamalika of First Idea Pr for fixing this up.Moving on and talking about this place well it is nothing less than a dream come true for not just Tea lovers but absolute lip smacking Cafe food lovers. The place is running in full pace for almost over 2 months now and it is doing excellent . Special thanks to Bonisha for being the best host you could ever imagine to come across ,as greeting you as a Blogger and every other single customer at other tables right from the start to the end with such genuine nature and friendly attitude is a sight to see and feel different, that is why the question arises how often do you see that happening in the city places to eat and drink when all are treated the same ? Probably in the most rarest and special cases but here people and things to eat/drink both are very chilled in nature quite literally (referring to the cold beverages) .

The outlook of ‘The Whistling Kettle’ is simply a modern take of a Darjeeling high tea place or rather you may say a Hilly region eating point with everything furnished so well right with lovely wooden sitting arrangements and sofas in the corners . Some nice chandelier lamps above tables look sure splendid. A clean and nice cool atmosphere maintained in this little Darjeeling place is a coincidence on its own .And It just simply doesn’t stop there, as it has a Tea boutique at the entrance which is the best place to purchase Tea coming all the way from Nathmulls estate Tea garden in Darjeeling and also good news for people who love music as there is a a small place for quick occasional Acoustic sessions which is a nice thing on its own.

The food and beverages here have a great wide range and variety to choose from ,and some of the ones which are considered to be the best and popular ones here since from the short span it opened up was tried . At first to say its a roasting summer going on in Kolkata and i was feeling blessed to start the f&b tasting with LEMON ICE TEA . Wow! Is the word i would use for this drink as it had such a strong punch of Lemon infused in the drink and complimented the Ice Tea totally. Very well this drink cooled me off in minutes. Next to try in the drinks were KIWI SHAKE and MANGO SHAKE . Both were heavenly rich in flavour and portion. Simply well made without any flaws. The last drink was THE VIETNAMESE COFFEE which was not just a drink but a beautiful happy memory to remain in the mind.The way it was presented and made was a treat to watch as it had a combination of Filter Coffee and Condensed Milk in the base of a mixing cup and poured on a glass filled with ice cubes. It completely blew my mind with its Taste as it was sweet and also had a strong aroma of Coffee . Very well i would recommend all the drinks but my drink to order again and again would be the Coffee.

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