The Tea Trove at Acropolis Mall

I get a certain joy whenever i come across something unique and different to try out especially in my very own city Kolkata. And this time no one could stop me from visiting The Tea Trove in Acropolis Mall as it was a place bookmarked in my head to pay a visit from quite sometime . Before this i never ever have been knowing much about the Tea Trove but thankfully this time i got to know so much of what was so unknown to me. A big thank you to Shruti Kanoi who is the owner of this brand (The Tea Trove) in the city for such a humble and courteous hospitality and of course invite credits to Debajyoti from FOODIE DADA.

I have lived in Assam for about 2 years in my teenage part of my life and have explored a lot of Tea and cultivation gardens in and around my area of stay there. So i am not completely an alien in understanding things of the Tea industry and the various types of tea and it’s benefits that you get.So it was a familiar subject of talk and the experience was closer to home i would say.Visiting Tea Trove which sources it’s Tea from all over the country especially from Darjeeling,Assam and other well know fine Tea gardens is a Tea lovers paradise. I can proudly say i have tasted one of the finest for sure with over 75 plus tea flavour’s that are blended with natural and pure organic stuff is something which you will never ever get anywhere in the world till date . Tea trove was set up a few years back ,i don’t know why did it take so long to enter the f&b market (All the good things take time i suppose) ,however history says that the family run business of Shruti which turned 100 years old this year has been into this field learning an experience of a kind and the outcome is definitely worth it as you can see. On my visit here situated on the 2nd floor i saw the outlook of it from far which looked like a small Tea boutique and had two benches to relax and sip your choice of Tea only if you are not in groups and in few numbers maybe 2 to 3 . I wont call it a cafe or a tea bar but definitely a place where one can pick up what they want like TEA,BLENDED TEA,ICE TEA,POPSICLES,SHAKES and other offerings here and have it strolling around the mall area .It is said that you get a lot of health benefits from the different types of tea for different ailments and for a better lifestyle ,so are you wanting that change for a good health ? Then why not shift to Tea drinking from the varieties that TEA TROVE offers. I have already started my bit of health care move with the Lemon and Tulsi infused tea that was gifted by Shruti ,and i must say i am feeling very positive these days and relaxed with its mild Lemon touch and strong Tulsi making my throat clear and fresh.

So to start my tasting trials over here let me say there were four ICE TEA flavour’s chosen which were WILD JASMINE,BLUEBERRY,MOROCCAN MINT & SWEET GINGER.The Jasmine one had a nice blend of Jasmine flavoured with Hibiscus. It was chilled and served in those slim jar type glasses that make it look super cool. It was made in water base so it was not a thick or fizzy version however you can ask for a soda version as per your choice.It did impress me and i was very fascinated with the fact that you can actually enjoy green tea in this way other than the way the world sees it.Talking about the other ones well Blueberry seemed very pleasing and i liked it more than any other one in water base. Moroccan mint and sweet ginger had presence of mint and ginger in it which was very much nice.The ginger tea had a spice affair but was very enjoyable too .

Moving on to the next selections which were shakes . MANGO MATCHA,TIRAMISU,OREO & PAAN . I would like to say the flavour’s the shakes have are really very well balanced and have a presence making it not too sweet and sugary.The Mango one was nice and so was the Tiramisu but the Oreo and Paan ones stood out for me among all. As the Oreo one had the cookies crushed it was very tasty and good. The Paan shake was a new thing in my knowledge and taste experience as i never imagined Paan to have such a good combination in a shake state. Whenever later i come back here for shakes it has to be for Paan for me without a doubt apart from the lovely tea of course and yes the Popsicles are an excuse to drop in here any and every time (winks).

The last selections of the day to end it the coolest way possible was the specials of TEA TROVE which is Popsicles . Yes they have it and they have it in the best of the flavour’s and in the very best of a kind. The ones which was tried out was TRIPLE BERRY,NUTELLA KITKAT,VIRGIN MOJITO & POPCORN. I loved all the flavour’s mostly because of its creamy and natural elements in it. Starting from the Triple berry one which had three berry flavour’s present in it,which was totally out of the world in taste. Moving on to the Nutella Kitkat one ,what do i say about this one ? Do i need to say anything or maybe yes i need to say, as it’s made with such perfection and 100 percent real taste to get you crave for more and wonder that this form of Nutella and Kitkat rocks. The Virgin Mojito is a star on it own in our regular drinks we order anywhere and to find it in a Popsicle version is a surprise on it’s own.Trust me you wont be dissapointed as its a full Virgin Mojito experience . Ok so not done there,let me finally introduce you to another irregular flavour in the Popsicles. The Popcorn one,yes it’s the lovely snack in a Popsicle which has a butter touch and looks and tastes amazing .Never knew Popcorn got a twist in a Popsicle form so cheap at just 40 bucks . For a fact the multiplexes we go to watch movies charge 4 times for a small bucket of popcorn and don’t at all taste good and this 40 rupees Popsicle does all that in a small package.

So who is going to try this out ?

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