My time at Aqua Java Decibel Cafe once again

And once again i was back at Aqua Java Decible Cafe on a different note this time and was more than happy to be here. For those of you who do not know Aqua Java decibel Cafe,well it’s located at P132, C.I.T. Road, Scheme 6M, Kankurgachi, Kolkata (Near Haryana sweets ). It’s one of those vegetarian chilling places for the great ambiance it holds you to talk about once you step out from here. And it was pretty much the same feeling for me as everything seemed and looked the same ambiance wise. Right from it’s interiors with funky musical fascinating decor all over to it’s seating arrangements ,all was sorted and cool as before.

On meeting Ankit the owner once again was a great moment as he is always the chilled out one running this venture and it always gives a good vibe when he welcomes everyone to the cafe. The newly appointed manager was a pleasing and hospitable person for the evening,which is certainly a good move for the cafe to run in a smooth way.

The food and beverage served here has always been of great ability and potential.Over here a couple of items were tried , starting from Mocktail ,shake drinks and starters to Main course wrapping up the culinary scene. Mocktail drinks such as ORANGE MOJITO,PASSION FRUIT MOJITO,VIRGIN MOJITO and TRUE BLUE were there and all of them had their own set of flavour balance .The most interesting ones were Passion fruit & True blue for me as it had a good combination and taste compared to all . All of them were served in a nice tall glass well presented.The shakes had two varients at the table which was BROWNIE SHAKE and OREO MINT SHAKE.The Brownie shake had a nice chocolate flavour milk based portion and topped with sliced brownie cakes. The Oreo mint shake was a similar shake but had Oreo biscuits mixed in it and topped with Oreo too. Looks nice and tasted the best among the two shakes.

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