D-Talks Adda is a place known for it’s tasty & better health food in a sports theme environment

We always want to eat the best and go to the most amazing places in and around without thinking twice about health hazards .Yes the truth is that we consume a lot of food which restaurants/cafes don’t really bother about the after effects of one’s health.Excess amount of oil or sugar intake can seriously cause harm to the human body, even you know that but probably like always you wont pay any attention to it. Similarly like you or anyone i also have the same habit of not caring much about it and to be honest it’s next to impossible to find places which are providing a control and alternative in ingredients change. However off late i visited a place called ‘D-Talks Adda’ in Saltlake city,Kolkata which has taken a step in changing this thing by keeping a check on excess or absolute intake. Now if you are going to wonder how and what will the food taste like, then the answer to it is simply that here food is baked mostly in the menu items given and some have less oil or desi ghee sourced from Hariyana .There is Stevia instead of sugar added as a sweetener and for a better detox process Moringa oleifera does the job.Does that sound pretty good ? Now if it doesn’t then to make it sound good, let me break in the interesting part which is the taste of the food and drinks here. And you will be surprised to know it maintains the deliciousness and flavour balance in the food and drinks both even after cutting off the excess stuff and applying the alternative health benefit ingredients. But my concern over here is going to be that how people are going to accept this place as a healthy place? Well till date people believed in eating clean, but never really wanted to give this kind of a scene where our regular consumed food will have a change in ingredients for our good, so probably i would say it is a place close to being healthier than before as the Carbohydrates levels present in food is a little high for a health food claimed place. So saying that i can recommend this place not just as a healthy eating place but you can consider this like the places you go as always ,but don’t tell your brain and heart that it takes care of your health replacing regular ingredients that they crave for (Poor joke but appropriate).

Okay as said i visited this place so let me thank Debajyoti of Foodie Dada and of course the management for having me over to check D-Talks Adda to give my views about it. So to start it off i would like to talk about the decked up ambiance here, which is all sporty and theme set making one feel in a sports paradise.Right from the entrance you see hockey sticks replacing the door handles and after that you get to see the seating arrangements in all sports done touches to it with the use of bat, ball, wickets, a wrestling arena as a bed sitting, few tables spread around in a spacious surrounding. Then you see a centered mini racing track upwards hanging for attraction and a few bar stools in a single wheel cycle structure placed which makes one take a seat immediately and go click click.Not finishing there, well there is also nice wooden high rise sitting in one of the corners which has a scenic backdrop and looks magnificent, definitely recommended to occupy this place when you visit.And yes not to forget here the lights and music play a big role in completing the positive vibes.

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