Velvetiine Gift Hampers will set the happy mood for Raksha Bandhan

Who does not like hampers ? Probably you will come across everyone liking or loving hampers in the most sane and insane state.Yes hampers always build up an excitement whether you receive it or just get to see someone receiving it (Too bad),be it whatever the situation it creates a joy surely among all. And when festivals come knocking and you are constantly reminded by those Tv ads of chocolates and jewels that feature anything just to deliver a strong message, it is then that you start wanting to show the affection for your dear ones and forget them almost for the rest of the year (lol).

Well jokes apart, we live in a country with almost every fortnight we witness a celebration in a full swing as a common thing ,and to be very honest every festival has its charm and grandeur, that is what i love about undoubtedly.The festival which is on Monday 7th AUGUST 2017 is Raksha Bandhan and it is a very important one for a Brother and Sister relationship.It’s not that your brother or sister will love you less if you don’t get them anything but it is a thing which makes one another happy and i am sure everyone would want to see a smile glow.

So talking so about gifting i have come across a not so very old idea but still works on point which is Hampers filled with chocolates, special cookies and brownies that is specially packed to set the mood of the festival. As said Raksha Bandhan is the reason for the season for this starting month of August and everyone would be anxious to get loads of things for their brothers and sisters so why not add these hampers from Velvetiine to make them feel special. Not a bad idea after all as handmade chocolates are always a hit in gifting choices and brownies and cookies may be considered a new entry in this type of a moment but it will definitely strike good.

Find out what all the hampers contain in the full post on the Food Seeker Blog.

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