Didn’t you?

She kicked you off when you slapped her face,

You didn’t tell her that’s the smaller mistake you made.

I see you are now married and a father too.
Oh your daughter looks like a princess aloof!

But do I see an uncle that smiles more than he should?
Didn’t you tell your baby, her diaper’s not cool?

She has grown up to learn the bigger mistake.
The kick should have hurt you down your belt.

But she’s kept mum and lived a haunted prey.
I hope you warn your daughter, of a similar day!


P.S. The current scenario of children deprived of childhood is heartwrenching. The child abuse and sexual abuse has taken a toll. With rise in cases every day, there are a few things which we’ve got to ask ourselves before we delve deeper into the situation. Is this but just a crime that a punishment can suffice or something much graver? 

You could punish a criminal of an offence but –

What about a childhood spent in figuring out the realms of a past one now identifies as a crime?

What about a child that no longer belongs to a happy tribe?

Maybe it’s too late to contemplate on mistakes.

But I do hope you warn the father in you at stake.

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