The delicious Bengali cuisine experience at the Bhoj Company this Puja 2k17

Eating good during festivals is something which always excites me and i am sure it does the same for many too. The time of festivals is the actual time when excellence of culinary is observed almost everywhere you go but there are some places which not only show up the action on festivals but throughout the year they keep you awestruck with their speciality for the signature dishes they prepare.As you know by the title of this blog post that the place i am talking about is The Bhoj Company Dalhousie quite obviously. Now why am i talking about this place so much from quite sometime now is because it is different from other places not just for the impeccable culinary magic in the kitchen but also for the beautiful inside ambiance and it has its own share of glitter. The look of this place has some remarkable peace and gives a soothing feeling to dine in maybe because it looks simple with yellow lamps hanging from the roof as you enter to the bamboo stick decor around giving the look an old school kick.The place is divided in two floors and the one on top is my favourite one for the high rise view while eating .The hospitality rendered by the staff is really worth mentioning,as they are very helpful and genuinely interested in comforting everyone around which is something nice to observe and feel,

I was here along with my CFS team members by an invitation from Kingshuk and it was a very interesting day to have the specials and signature dishes.This time The Bhoj Company had curated 3 Thalis to get the real wholesome eating experience of Bengali cuisine.I am a big time lover of Bengali cuisine and i seldom get a chance to have it as i don’t get anything nice around where i stay.However i believe patience is the key to everything right and that is what i got rewarded indulging in the Puja menu over here.

Check out more details about the Durga Puja Menu and more in the full post on the Food Seeker Blog.

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