Nestle India Conducted A Children’s Healthy Cooking Workshop In Kolkata For The First Time

Each and every day we consume so much of food which is not very fit and right for our body. Unhealthy food has like become a part of our daily lives and the total reason why we crave so much for it from a straight point of view is because it has an intense taste and it is almost very easy to prepare. Now since the time we were young this has been the regular routine of depending on any food to consume without knowing its nutrition value in our body. So to tackle these kind of things it is mandatory to make it an usual routine right from the beginning of a tender age and understand the benefits of healthy eating and cooking. Children if guided from young and kept aware of the food they can intake for a better lifestyle would for sure help them grow and become responsible enough to lead a beautiful & healthy life in future. It is not anymore surprising to hear small children taking over the kitchen from a very young age and in fact it is a wonderful thing for a child to develop an interest to cook and now many children have already been doing that with cooking workshops/programs all over globally.

On 13th October,2017 the company “Nestle” India ,that we love and use in our day to day lives had organised an Healthy Cooking Workshop For Children (Magic bus NGO kids ) at Kolkata for the very first time on the occasion of International Chef Day. It is believed that Nestle has been running Healthy Kids Programmes since 2009 and till date reached 18 states on the purpose of educating the healthy aspects to cook in a fun and easy way to almost 200,000 adolescents. As part of the commitment to Nutrition, Health and Wellness the healthy cooking workshop for children by Nestlé had activities where Nestle professional Chef Monu Kumar interacted with Almost 60 to 70 Children under one roof to make them learn the benefits of different types of foods to eat and he had also prepared healthy recipes which would turn them into ‘Healthy Heroes’ if they start adapting to living healthy in life from a very young age as Nestle’s theme this year for the International Chef day occasion is “Food For Healthy Heros”. With the chef’s input, education and help, there is an opportunity where kids get to know about healthy eating little creatively with food. The objective of this activity is to encourage kids to consume a wider variety of foods by engaging them in the recipe preparation and making it fun and exciting.

Check out photographs from the event and more in the full post on the Food Seeker Blog.

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