Waffle Wallah Comes To Kolkata

If you happen to be from Kolkata or plan to visit the city, one thing you must know that when it comes to experiments and varieties of food then this is the city you should be feasting at. Why so? As the good thing here is that, most of the cuisines and styles are accepted here with an understanding to experience something new each day. And that is why recently something new entered the city of joy at the food court of Quest Mall,Kolkata known as Waffle Wallah. Now if you have not tasted a waffle before you must be wondering what is a Waffle at first place? So to answer that i won’t make this a history related blog and bore everybody, so go ahead and check out the Wikipedia link for that in your spare time .

Now coming back to Waffle Wallah outlet i would say it has all the reasons to make you happy with it’s amazing Waffles and special menu options to choose from . And when i say Waffles the very first thing that comes to your mind would probably be sweet like dessert style waffles, yes that is true but it does not just end there so increase your imagination the next time as Waffle Wallah has Savoury Waffles included in their menu which means you can get a Waffle with Non-Veg and Veg Toppings in it (What A Joy !). So as you now know they have a wide spread of Waffles, so definitely a customized way to get your kind of Waffle toppings can be added but a little help from the team at the outlet can be the best way guided here. Moving on in general the pricing is pretty neat starting from INR 70/-for a basic waffle which goes up as per the size and toppings. What i loved the most of the waffles is that they are prepared not very crunchy and not very soft either so it is somewhere in between to enhance the indulgence of the toppings together with the waffle base . Also just in case you happen to come along with someone and he/she is not a big fan for Waffles in general then hang on there and try out the Fries and Wedges which are delicious to the core, i must admit that totally.

Check out more pictures and recommendations in the full post on the Food Seeker Blog.

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