Traffic Gastropub: The Only Traffic You Would Love.

Almost every now and then you would get to see a new place coming up in the city which looks promising to some extend at the beginning but miserably fails to do so in the long run. I would put the main problem for those places which don’t survive as, they don’t do anything different and end up being a boring zone with a non creative ambiance. Now what makes one visit a place in any format be it a restaurant or a pub ? Many reasons can be the answer to this but the main reason i feel at times is the way a place delivers an overall experience for the value of time and money a person spends out. The newest kind of a happening thing increasing in the city is a Gastropub , which is a place for you to chill with your gang, listen to electrifying music by the dj or live events,enjoy your drink with a wide menu options of high end food ,all together at your table to make it a place having everything that you need under one roof.

Few days ago Traffic Gastropub was the place i visited ,thanks to First Idea PR for inviting me over in the Bloggers meet that was held.This place has become the talk of the town ever since it has started its operations over a month ago now, as location wise it is situated in a place that was very much needed . If you know City Center New town then you would find this Gastropub on the same floor beside the foodcourt. I loved the fact that this was a theme one that reflected elements and scenes of day to day city traffic. From the entrance only you will see a lot of traffic signals well put up as a decor and street lamps inside which gives this place a super cool look. Even the interiors inside look very creatively done ,keeping in mind enough of space left for the sitting arrangements all around. The lights over here makes this place very soft to the eyes and it’s minimal effect does give a soothing experience .Moving on there is a nice swanky looking stool bar right on your left inside which has a nice traffic written light board placed above and very prominently you will see right opposite to it some graffiti art done on a garage gate structure that seems to be a popular part of this place ,as it gets jam packed almost every single time . For the smokers there is a small smoking enclosure too which lets you save time not to step out of this place if you desire to take a smoke. The entertainment has a lot of musical activities happening time to time over here by artists who give live music performances and the of course the Dj makes sures to keep this place absolutely alive and rocking all the time without a fail.

Read about the food and drinks in the full post on the Food Seeker Blog.

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